Names and logos for racing leathers

AM Leathers was established in 1989 and brought together craftsmen with over 30 years experience in the motorcycle clothing industry.

At AM we can cut and style both letters and badges to fit most applications in premium grade leathers.

AM Leathers have specialised in the manufacture of suits for Grand Prix, Club Racing and leisure riding. AM Leather have also supplied suits for both Ambulance and Police Motorcyclists in the UK.

Our reputation has been built on providing the highest quality using premium grade leathers and we continue to provide the same high quality through our extensive range of lettering and badges.

AM also offer a wide range of corporate wear and a full embroidery service for logos etc.

Any colour combination is available. Using CNC cut graphics specific lettering, logos and motifs can be reproduced and added to your garment to your specifications. Click here to see the CNC graphic cutter in action.

5 colours on orange leather back

Indian Head full back of jacket.
5 colours on orange leather back
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